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Associate Professor Chay Asdak,Ir. ,M.Sc. , Ph.D

Senior Lecturer
Doctorate Degree in Environmental Sciences
School of Postgraduate Studies, Universitas Padjadjaran
Dr. Asdak has an extensive research and teaching experiences in the following areas:
1) hydrology and the management of watershed,
2) natural resources management, and
3) environmental impact assessment.
He has written technical and scientific papers on the above subjects and wrote two text books titled: Hydrology and the Management of Watershed (Indonesian), Gadjah Mada University Press (1995, revised in 2002, 2004, and 2010), and Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Road To Sustainable Development (Indonesian), Gadjah Mada University Press (2012, revised 2014). He is also the co-editor of a book titled: Genetic Engineering: prospects and challenges (Indonesian), Padjadjaran University Press (2002) and wrote a book chapter titled: Reorientation of Development Paradigm (Indonesian), LPPMD, Universitas Padjadjaran (2011). His professional experience including a postdoctorate work on modelling studies at the Institute of Ecology and Resource Management, University of Edinburgh, UK in 1998; Lecturer at the University of Tokyo on Tropical Watershed Management (February-August 2005); Guest lecturer at the University of Twente’s Master Program on Energy and Environmental Management, Enschede, the Netherlands (February, 2010), and Academic Recharge Program at the Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, USA (November 2010-January 2011).

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